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Why you should buy your used car from a dealership

Why you should buy your used car from a dealership

Buying a used vehicle can be daunting. Many options are available to buyers, with many private sellers and used car dealerships advertising their merchandise. So where do you begin, and what is the best option?


Buying from a private seller may be cheaper. However, there are many risks involved. That’s why it’s often better to purchase a used vehicle from a used cars dealership, as there are many benefits. Below are the main advantages to tell you why buying a used car from a reputable dealership is a better idea.


Flexible Payments and Financing

Typically, private sellers deal on a cash-on-delivery basis. You can get bank-approved financing, but banks tend to be challenging when approving some auto loans. This is especially a problem if you don’t have a good credit history. 


Dealerships with pre-owned cars in Calgary tend to be lenient when approving loans. If you have bad credit, the dealership will work around your current situation and formulate a payment plan to suit your budget.


More Options

Dealerships offer more choices and price ranges with a variety of used vehicles to suit all preferences. You may even be introduced to a model or brand that you previously didn’t consider buying with a very attractive price tag.


You’ll also get the chance to test drive any vehicle you’re interested in and be able to take your time in making your final decision.



Dealerships tend to offer their customers great bonuses to help sweeten the deal before making a purchase. You may be offered upgrades, extended warranties, or even a discounted price during negotiations.


Vehicle History

A used vehicle dealership can provide the vehicle’s history and maintenance records, while a private dealer may not. This way, you can know exactly what you’re purchasing, giving you peace of mind.



All used car dealerships sell their vehicles with warranties. In fact, you may even find a vehicle still under the manufacturer’s original warranty plan. It’ll save you a bundle in future maintenance costs, especially if you’re shopping on a budget. Proper research is vital to ensure you get the best deal possible.


Higher-quality Vehicles

Used vehicles have gone through a considerable amount of depreciation. But you can purchase a much higher model at used car dealerships at a much lower price.


Additionally, all dealerships check the quality of all the vehicles in their inventory, replace all damaged parts, and typically sell used cars within two to three years. These vehicles are very well maintained. 



These factors ensure that you’re guaranteed to purchase higher-quality vehicle when you buy one at a used car dealership. Additionally, used car dealerships have a reputation to uphold, which is an additional guarantee of coverage in the long run.


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