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Best Selling Used Trucks in Alberta

Best Selling Used Trucks in Alberta

When looking for used trucks, there are various factors to consider. Do you pick one that’s been used sparingly? Do you want a truck that can haul heavy loads? How many passengers will travel with you? These are all essential factors to look at. While it may seem confusing, we are here to tell you about the best used trucks in Calgary.



Ford F-150


Quite a popular truck since it first launched, the Ford F-150 is a fantastic pickup that has advanced features along with a strong chassis, better technology, and a powertrain. The 13th generation was manufactured between the year 2015 and 2020.


It came with two EcoBoost turbocharged engines and an efficient 10-speed automatic transmission. The highlight of this truck is it is built from aluminum and not steel. This feature helps reduce the overall weight of the Ford F-150.


Although this made buyers skeptical about the durability, the proof is in the pudding because used F-150’s are still popular and in high demand.


RAM 1500 Classic

The Ram 1500 Classic was launched in 2019, and this version is a carry-forward of the Ram 1500 that was discontinued in 2018. Ram upgraded considerably in 2019 to focus on convenience, comfort, safety, and luxury.



RAM 1500

The Ram 1500 is known to be the king of pickup trucks for a good reason. In Canada, three out of every ten pickups is a Ram 1500. Available since 2013, if you’re looking for a used Ram 1500, it’s wiser to choose anything later than the 2019 model.


That’s because it comes with the Uconnect infotainment system, premium interiors, comfortable seating, and a HEMI V8 engine, one of the best in its line. If you’re comfortable compromising on luxurious features, previous generations weren’t that bad, either.


It still came with a Uconnect and V8 engine, and although not as modern, it still packed a punch.


Nissan Titan

The Nissan Titan is a full-size pickup truck designed to tow heavy loads. This truck has made its mark in the era of the Ford and Ram and has a fan following of its own, especially with its Endurance V8 engine.


Since the Nissan Titan is designed with better cabin space, this truck is adventurous and doubles as your trekking companion.



Now that you know the most popular trucks in Alberta, it’s time to head to your favourite dealership in Calgary to book your test drive. Don’t wait too long, these popular trucks might be around for a while, but they’re still in high demand, so grab yours while it’s still available.


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